Deal-making is all about being in the right place at the right time, with the right terms. That requires speed, flexibility, and a sensitivity to the interests of all parties involved. When you retain an attorney to represent you, you need the same qualities.

I have been advising clients for 30 years in most aspects of commercial real estate transactions. I have drafted leases, negotiated loans, guided complex transactions, solved title problems, formed entities, and above all, closed deals. I've seen both sides of the practice, at downtown SF law firms (as both associate and partner), and with my own practice. I have "sat across the table" from lawyers from some of the largest firms, local government officials, and national and high-profile retailers, for clients ranging from institutional lenders, to shopping center and mixed-use developers, to chain-store tenants, to big-box retailers, to law firms, to the classic "mom and pop" business owners.

My experience includes:

Commercial Leasing

Drafting, review and negotiation (representing both landlords and tenants) of:

Development of project-specific mixed-use lease forms


Drafting, negotiating and closing of commercial loans, representing lenders and borrowers

Advising lenders on loan restructurings, and guidance through non-judicial foreclosure process, including trustee's sales

Property Acquisition and Development

Representation of buyers and sellers during negotiation and closing of sales

Property acquisition due diligence

Title review, and analysis and resolution of title issues

Purchase/Sale of Businesses

Representation of buyers and sellers in sales of businesses

Entity Formation and Advice

Formation of corporations (both C and S), limited liability companies, and general and limited partnerships

Advice regarding the management and operation of various entities, including partner/member rights and remedies